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@STRING{ABCBP = {Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics}}
@STRING{ABEHAV = {Animal Behaviour}}
@STRING{AC = {Angewandte Chemie}}
@STRING{ACIEE = {Angewandte Chemie International Edition English}}
@STRING{ACIE = {Angewandte Chemie International Edition English}}
@STRING{ACA = {Analytica Chimica Acta}}
@STRING{ACMCS = {ACM Computing Surveys}}
@STRING{ACMSN = {ACM Sigplan Notices}}
@STRING{ACMTPLS = {ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems}}
@STRING{ACP = {Annales de Chimie et de Physique}}
@STRING{ACR = {Accounts of Chemical Research}}
@STRING{ACRSB = {Acta Crystallographica, Section D}}
@STRING{ACRYST = {Acta Crystallographica}}
@STRING{ACRYSTD = {Acta Crystallographica, Section D}}
@STRING{ACRYSTF = {Acta Crystallographica, Section F}}
@STRING{ACS = {Acta Chemica Scandinavica}}
@STRING{ACSAEM = {ACS Applied Energy Materials}}
@STRING{ACSAMI = {ACS Applied Materials \& Interfaces}}
@STRING{ACSCB = {ACS Chemical Biology}}
@STRING{ACSCENTSCI = {ACS Central Science}}
@STRING{ACSEL = {ACS Energy Letters}}
@STRING{ACSML = {ACS Macro Letters}}
@STRING{ACSP = {ACS Photonics}}
@STRING{ADP = {Annalen der Physik}}
@STRING{ADVCP = {Advances in Chemical Physics}}
@STRING{ADVMAT = {Advanced Materials}}
@STRING{ADVMATIF = {Advanced Materials Interfaces}}
@STRING{ADVMR = {Advances in Magnetic Resonance}}
@STRING{ADVPOC = {Advances in Physical Organic Chemistry}}
@STRING{ADVPS = {Advances in Polymer Science}}
@STRING{ADVQC = {Advances in Quantum Chemistry}}
@STRING{ADVSCI = {Advanced Science}}
@STRING{ADVSR = {Advances in Space Research}}
@STRING{AELM = {Advanced Electronic Materials}}
@STRING{AEMB = {Applied and Environmental Microbiology}}
@STRING{AENM = {Advanced Energy Materials}}
@STRING{AFM = {Advanced Functional Materials}}
@STRING{AIPADV = {AIP Advances}}
@STRING{AIPCP = {AIP Conference Proceedings}}
@STRING{AJC = {Australian Journal of Chemistry}}
@STRING{AJCN = {American Journal of Clinical Nutrition}}
@STRING{AJP = {American Journal of Physics}}
@STRING{AJPR = {American Journal of Physiology --- Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology}}
@STRING{AMR = {Applied Magnetic Resonance}}
@STRING{AMSCI = {American Scientist}}
@STRING{ANBC = {Analytical Biochemistry}}
@STRING{ANBNC = {Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry}}
@STRING{ANC = {Analytical Chemistry}}
@STRING{AORS = {Antioxidants \& Redox Signaling}}
@STRING{APA = {Applied Physics A--Materials Science \&\ Processing}}
@STRING{APC = {Advances in Protein Chemistry}}
@STRING{APEX = {Applied Physics Express}}
@STRING{APL = {Applied Physics Letters}}
@STRING{APLMAT = {APL Materials}}
@STRING{APOP = {Apoptosis}}
@STRING{APPA = {Acta Physica Polonica A}}
@STRING{ARBBC = {Annual Review of Biophysics and Biophysical Chemistry}}
@STRING{ARBBS = {Annual Review of Biophysics and Biomolecular Structure}}
@STRING{ARBC = {Annual Review of Biochemistry}}
@STRING{ARCBME = {Annual Review of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering}}
@STRING{ARCDB = {Annual Review of Cell and Developmental Biology}}
@STRING{ARCMP = {Annual Review of Condensed Matter Physics}}
@STRING{AREPS = {Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences}}
@STRING{ARG = {Annual Review of Genetics}}
@STRING{ARMB = {Archives of Microbiology}}
@STRING{ARMBIO = {Annual Review of Microbiology}}
@STRING{ARMR = {Annual Review of Materials Research}}
@STRING{ARN = {Annual Review of Nutrition}}
@STRING{ARPB = {Annual Review of Plant Biology}}
@STRING{ARPC = {Annual Review of Physical Chemistry}}
@STRING{ARPCA = {Annual Reports on the Progress of Chemistry, Section A: Physical and Inorganic Chemistry}}
@STRING{ARPHYS = {Annual Review of Physiology}}
@STRING{ARPPPMB = {Annual Review of Plant Physiology and Plant Molecular Biology}}
@STRING{ASC = {Advanced Synthesis \& Catalysis}}
@STRING{ASEM = {Advanced Science, Engineering and Medicine}}
@STRING{ASPECR = {Applied Spectroscopic Reviews}}
@STRING{ASS = {Applied Surface Science}}
@STRING{ATLMON = {The Atlantic Monthly}}
@STRING{BAMS = {Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society}}
@STRING{BASUSSRCS = {Bulletin of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Division of chemical science}}
@STRING{BBA = {Biochimica et Biophysica Acta}}
@STRING{BBPC = {Berichte der Bunsengesellschaft f\"ur Physikalische Chemie}}
@STRING{BBRC = {Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications}}
@STRING{BC = {Biochemistry}}
@STRING{BCH = {Biological Chemistry}}
@STRING{BCJ = {Biochemical Journal}}
@STRING{BCM = {Biochemistry Moscow}}
@STRING{BCSJ = {Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan}}
@STRING{BCST = {Biochemical Society Transactions}}
@STRING{BELC = {Bioelectrochemistry}}
@STRING{BELM = {Bioelectromagnetics}}
@STRING{BESB = {Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology}}
@STRING{BIC = {Bioinorganic Chemistry}}
@STRING{BINF = {Bioinformatics}}
@STRING{BIOENG = {Bioengineered}}
@STRING{BIOES = {BioEssays}}
@STRING{BIOPOL = {Biopolymers}}
@STRING{BJ = {Biophysical Journal}}
@STRING{BJNT = {Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology}}
@STRING{BJOC = {Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry}}
@STRING{BM = {BioMetals}}
@STRING{BMCMB = {BMC Molecular Biology}}
@STRING{BOC = {Bioorganic Chemistry}}
@STRING{BOMCL = {Bioorganic \& Medicinal Chemistry Letters}}
@STRING{BPC = {Biophysical Chemistry}}
@STRING{BPHIL = {Biology and Philosophy}}
@STRING{BRUKNEWS = {Bruker Newsletter}}
@STRING{BSA = {Biophysical Society Abstracts}}
@STRING{BSP = {Biospectroscopy}}
@STRING{BSTJ = {The Bell System Technical Journal}}
@STRING{BSYS = {BioSystems}}
@STRING{BTBE = {Biotechnology and Bioengineering}}
@STRING{BTEC = {BioTechniques}}
@STRING{BUNMAG = {Bunsen-Magazin}}
@STRING{CACM = {Communications of the ACM}}
@STRING{CANC = {Canadian Journal of Chemistry}}
@STRING{CANCR = {Cancer Research}}
@STRING{CARC = {Carcinogenesis}}
@STRING{CB = {Current Biology}}
@STRING{CBC = {ChemBioChem}}
@STRING{CBCBP = {Cell Biochemistry and Biophysics}}
@STRING{CBCPB = {Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part B: Comparative Biochemistry}}
@STRING{CBD = {Chemistry \& Biodiversity}}
@STRING{CC = {Chemical Communications}}
@STRING{CCR = {Coordination Chemistry Reviews}}
@STRING{CEC = {CrystEngComm}}
@STRING{CEJ = {Chemistry --- A European Journal}}
@STRING{CELL = {Cell}}
@STRING{CEN = {Chemical \& Engineering News}}
@STRING{CGEN = {Current Genetics}}
@STRING{CHBER = {Chemische Berichte}}
@STRING{CHBIO = {Chemistry \& Biology}}
@STRING{CHIB = {Chemistry in Britain}}
@STRING{CHIUZ = {Chemie in unserer Zeit}}
@STRING{CHR = {Chromatographia}}
@STRING{CHSCI = {Chemical Science}}
@STRING{CIBIO = {Communicative \& Integrative Biology}}
@STRING{CIND = {Chemistry \& Industry}}
@STRING{CJP = {Canadian Journal of Physics}}
@STRING{CL = {Chemistry Letters}}
@STRING{CM = {Chemistry of Materials}}
@STRING{CMLS = {Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences}}
@STRING{CMRA = {Concepts in Magnetic Resonance Part A}}
@STRING{COBT = {Current Opinion in Biotechnology}}
@STRING{COCB = {Current Opinion in Chemical Biology}}
@STRING{COMMATSCI = {Computational Materials Science}}
@STRING{COMP = {Computer}}
@STRING{COMPJ = {The Computer Journal}}
@STRING{COMPSE = {Computing in Science \& Engineering}}
@STRING{CONB = {Current Opinion in Neurobiology}}
@STRING{COND = {Condor}}
@STRING{CONTPHYS = {Contemporary Physics}}
@STRING{COPB = {Current Opinion in Plant Biology}}
@STRING{COSB = {Current Opinion in Structural Biology}}
@STRING{CP = {Chemical Physics}}
@STRING{CPC = {ChemPhysChem}}
@STRING{CPHC = {Computer Physics Communications}}
@STRING{CPL = {Chemical Physics Letters}}
@STRING{CPLC = {ChemPlusChem}}
@STRING{CPR = {Chemical Physics Reports}}
@STRING{CR = {Chemical Reviews}}
@STRING{CREC = {Chemical Record}}
@STRING{CRES = {Cell Research}}
@STRING{CRBCMB = {Critical Reviews in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology}}
@STRING{CRFSN = {Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition}}
@STRING{CS = {Chemical Science}}
@STRING{CSA = {Colloids and Surfaces A-Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects}}
@STRING{CSC = {ChemSusChem}}
@STRING{CSCI = {Current Science}}
@STRING{CSE = {Computing in Science \& Engineering}}
@STRING{CSHSQB = {Cold Spring Harbor Symposia on Quantitative Biology}}
@STRING{CSHPB = {Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology}}
@STRING{CSR = {Chemical Society Reviews}}
@STRING{CTB = {Current Topics in Bioenergetics}}
@STRING{CTC = {Computational and Theoretical Chemistry}}
@STRING{CTR = {Cell and Tissue Research}}
@STRING{DAN = {Doklady Akademii Nauk SSSR}}
@STRING{DB = {Developmental Biology}}
@STRING{DC = {Developmental Cell}}
@STRING{DEVEL = {Development}}
@STRING{DFS = {Discussions of the Faraday Society}}
@STRING{DM = {Datamation}}
@STRING{DNAR = {DNA Repair}}
@STRING{DP = {Dyes and Pigments}}
@STRING{DPC = {Doklady Physical Chemistry}}
@STRING{DTR = {Dalton Transactions}}
@STRING{ECA = {Electrochimica Acta}}
@STRING{EES = {Energy \&\ Environmental Science}}
@STRING{EJB = {European Journal of Biochemistry}}
@STRING{EJIC = {European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry}}
@STRING{EJN = {European Journal of Navigation}}
@STRING{EJOC = {European Journal of Organic Chemistry}}
@STRING{ELIFE = {eLife}}
@STRING{EMBO = {EMBO Journal}}
@STRING{EMS = {Environmental Modelling \& Software}}
@STRING{ENTSCI = {Entomological Science}}
@STRING{EPARA = {Experimental Parasitology}}
@STRING{EPH = {Electrophoresis}}
@STRING{EPJAP = {European Physical Journal--Applied Physics}}
@STRING{EPJE = {European Physical Journal E}}
@STRING{EPJP = {European Physical Journal Plus}}
@STRING{EPOLYJ = {European Polymer Journal}}
@STRING{ERK = {Erkenntnis}}
@STRING{FBNS = {Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience}}
@STRING{FBSCI = {Frontiers in Bioscience}}
@STRING{FC = {Food Chemistry}}
@STRING{FCH = {Frontiers in Chemistry}}
@STRING{FD = {Faraday Discussions}}
@STRING{FEBS = {FEBS Letters}}
@STRING{FEMS = {FEMS Microbiology Letters}}
@STRING{FEMSMR = {FEMS Microbiology Reviews}}
@STRING{FFUNC = {Food \&\ Function}}
@STRING{FGB = {Fungal Genetics and Biology}}
@STRING{FMBS = {Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences}}
@STRING{FNINF = {Frontiers in Neuroinformatics}}
@STRING{FPLS = {Frontiers in Plant Science}}
@STRING{FPHEQ = {Fluid Phase Equilibria}}
@STRING{FUTMC = {Future Medicinal Chemistry}}
@STRING{GB = {Genome Biology}}
@STRING{GBE = {Genome Biology and Evolution}}
@STRING{GC = {Genes to Cells}}
@STRING{GENDEV = {Genes \&\ Development}}
@STRING{GENE = {Gene}}
@STRING{GENET = {Genetics}}
@STRING{GENOM = {Genomics}}
@STRING{GENRES = {Genome Research}}
@STRING{GIGASCI = {GigaScience}}
@STRING{HCA = {Helvetica Chimica Acta}}
@STRING{HH = {Histology and Histopathology}}
@STRING{HP = {Health Physics}}
@STRING{IBMB = {Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology}}
@STRING{ICA = {Inorganica Chimica Acta}}
@STRING{ICBIO = {Integrative \&\ Comparative Biology}}
@STRING{IECR = {Industrial \&\ Engineering Chemistry Research}}
@STRING{IEE = {Ideas in Ecology and Evolution}}
@STRING{IEEECSE = {IEEE Computational Science \& Engineering}}
@STRING{IEEEIC = {IEEE Internet Computing}}
@STRING{IEEEJV = {IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics}}
@STRING{IEEEJSTQE = {IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics}}
@STRING{IEEETEC = {IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation}}
@STRING{IEEETM = {IEEE Transactions on Magnetics}}
@STRING{IEEETSE = {IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering}}
@STRING{IF = {Interface Focus}}
@STRING{IJBCB = {International Journal of Biochemistry \& Cell Biology}}
@STRING{IJC = {Israel Journal of Chemistry}}
@STRING{IJCLIM = {International Journal of Climatology}}
@STRING{IJDB = {International Journal of Developmental Biology}}
@STRING{IJHE = {International Journal of Hydrogen Energy}}
@STRING{IJMS = {International Journal of Molecular Science}}
@STRING{IJPR = {International Journal for Philosophy of Religion}}
@STRING{IJPE = {International Journal of Photoenergy}}
@STRING{IJQC = {International Journal of Quantum Chemistry}}
@STRING{IJRB = {International Journal of Radiation Biology}}
@STRING{IJZOOL = {Italian Journal of Zoology}}
@STRING{IMM = {Immunological Methods}}
@STRING{INC = {Inorganic Chemistry}}
@STRING{IOVS = {Investigative Ophthalmology \&\ Visual Science}}
@STRING{JAAD = {Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology}}
@STRING{JACR = {Journal of Applied Crystallography}}
@STRING{JACS = {Journal of the American Chemical Society}}
@STRING{JAFC = {Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry}}
@STRING{JAP = {Journal of Applied Physics}}
@STRING{JAPS = {Journal of Applied Polymer Science}}
@STRING{JAS = {Journal of Applied Spectroscopy}}
@STRING{JBAC = {Journal of Bacteriology}}
@STRING{JBC = {Journal of Biological Chemistry}}
@STRING{JBCBPM = {Journal of Biochemical and Biophysical Methods}}
@STRING{JBCH = {Journal of Biochemistry}}
@STRING{JBCS = {Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society}}
@STRING{JBE = {Journal of Bioenergetics}}
@STRING{JBEBM = {Journal of Bioenergetics and Biomembranes}}
@STRING{JBIC = {Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry}}
@STRING{JBMA = {Journal of Biomaterials Applications}}
@STRING{JBMS = {Journal of Biomedical Science}}
@STRING{JBNMR = {Journal of Biomolecular NMR}}
@STRING{JBP = {Journal of Biological Physics}}
@STRING{JBR = {Journal of Biological Rhythms}}
@STRING{JBTECH = {Journal of Biotechnology}}
@STRING{JCAMD = {Journal of Computer-Aided Molecular Design}}
@STRING{JCB = {Journal of Cell Biology}}
@STRING{JCC = {Journal of Computational Chemistry}}
@STRING{JCCS = {Journal of the Chinese Chemical Society}}
@STRING{JCE = {Journal of Chemical Education}}
@STRING{JCED = {Journal of Chemical \&\ Engineering Data}}
@STRING{JCI = {Journal of Cheminformatics}}
@STRING{JCICS = {Journal of Chemical Information and Computer Sciences}}
@STRING{JCIM = {Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling}}
@STRING{JCIS = {Journal of Colloid and Interface Science}}
@STRING{JCOMPP = {Journal of Computational Physics}}
@STRING{JCOPHA = {Journal of Comparative Physiology A: Neuroethology, Senory, Neural, and Behavioral Physiology}}
@STRING{JCOPHB = {Journal of Comparative Physiology B}}
@STRING{JCP = {Journal of Chemical Physics}}
@STRING{JCS = {Journal of the Chemical Society}}
@STRING{JCSCC = {Journal of the Chemical Society, Chemical Communications}}
@STRING{JCSCI = {Journal of Cell Science}}
@STRING{JCSDT = {Journal of the Chemical Society, Dalton Transactions}}
@STRING{JCSFT = {Journal of the Chemical Society, Faraday Transactions}}
@STRING{JCSFT1 = {Journal of the Chemical Society, Faraday Transactions 1}}
@STRING{JCSFT2 = {Journal of the Chemical Society, Faraday Transactions 2}}
@STRING{JCSPT1 = {Journal of the Chemical Society, Perkin Transactions 1}}
@STRING{JCSPT2 = {Journal of the Chemical Society, Perkin Transactions 2}}
@STRING{JCTC = {Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation}}
@STRING{JEAC = {Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry}}
@STRING{JEB = {Journal of Experimental Botany}}
@STRING{JEBIOL = {Journal of Experimental Biology}}
@STRING{JEE = {Journal of Economic Entomology}}
@STRING{JELM = {Journal of Electronic Materials}}
@STRING{JEM = {Journal of Experimental Medicine}}
@STRING{JEN = {Journal of Endocrinology}}
@STRING{JESRP = {Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena}}
@STRING{JGP = {Journal of General Physiology}}
@STRING{JGV = {Journal of General Virology}}
@STRING{JHCC = {Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry}}
@STRING{JHMAT = {Journal of Hazardous Materials}}
@STRING{JIBC = {Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry}}
@STRING{JID = {Journal of Investigative Dermatology}}
@STRING{JIEC = {Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry}}
@STRING{JIOPM = {Journal of Inorganic and Organometallic Polymers and Materials}}
@STRING{JJAP = {Japanese Journal of Applied Physics}}
@STRING{JLUM = {Journal of Luminescence}}
@STRING{JMATRES = {Journal of Materials Research}}
@STRING{JMATSCI = {Journal of Materials Science}}
@STRING{JMB = {Journal of Molecular Biology}}
@STRING{JMC = {Journal of Materials Chemistry}}
@STRING{JMCA = {Journal of Materials Chemistry A}}
@STRING{JMCB = {Journal of Materials Chemistry B}}
@STRING{JMCC = {Journal of Materials Chemistry C}}
@STRING{JME = {Journal of Molecular Evolution}}
@STRING{JMG = {Journal of Molecular Graphics}}
@STRING{JMMBB = {Journal of Molecular Microbiology and Biotechnology}}
@STRING{JMMOD = {Journal of Molecular Modeling}}
@STRING{JMO = {Journal of Modern Optics}}
@STRING{JMP = {Journal of Mathematical Physics}}
@STRING{JMR = {Journal of Magnetic Resonance}}
@STRING{JMRA = {Journal of Magnetic Resonance, Series A}}
@STRING{JMREC = {Journal of Molecular Recognition}}
@STRING{JMS = {Journal of Molecular Structure}}
@STRING{JMSME = {Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics}}
@STRING{JMSPEC = {Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy}}
@STRING{JMSTC = {Journal of Molecular Structure: THEOCHEM}}
@STRING{JMSTHC = {Journal of Molecular Structure (Theochem)}}
@STRING{JNPHYS = {Journal of Neurophysiology}}
@STRING{JNA = {Journal of Nucleic Acids}}
@STRING{JNB = {Journal of Neurobiology}}
@STRING{JNC = {Journal of Neurochemistry}}
@STRING{JNM = {Journal of Nanomaterials}}
@STRING{JNN = {Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology}}
@STRING{JNS = {The Journal of Neuroscience}}
@STRING{JNUT = {Journal of Nutrition}}
@STRING{JOC = {Journal of Organic Chemistry}}
@STRING{JORN = {Journal of Ornithology}}
@STRING{JORS = {Journal of the Operational Research Society}}
@STRING{JOSAB = {Journal of the Optical Society of America B-Optical Physics}}
@STRING{JPC = {Journal of Physical Chemistry}}
@STRING{JPCA = {Journal of Physical Chemistry A}}
@STRING{JPCB = {Journal of Physical Chemistry B}}
@STRING{JPCC = {Journal of Physical Chemistry C}}
@STRING{JPCL = {Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters}}
@STRING{JPCM = {Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter}}
@STRING{JPCPBA = {Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry}}
@STRING{JPCPBB = {Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology}}
@STRING{JPCPBC = {Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology C: Photochemistry Reviews}}
@STRING{JPCS = {Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids}}
@STRING{JPE = {Journal of Photonics for Energy}}
@STRING{JPHD = {Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics}}
@STRING{JPHL = {Journal of Physiology-London}}
@STRING{JPHP = {Journal of Physiology-Paris}}
@STRING{JPLPH = {Journal of Plant Physiology}}
@STRING{JPOC = {Journal of Physical Organic Chemistry}}
@STRING{JPOLYRES = {Journal of Polymer Research}}
@STRING{JPOLYSCI = {Journal of Polymer Science}}
@STRING{JPP = {Journal of Porphyrins and Phthalocyanines}}
@STRING{JPPST = {Journal of Photopolymer Science and Technology}}
@STRING{JPR = {Journal of Plant Research}}
@STRING{JPSA = {Journal of Polymer Science Part A--Polymer Chemistry}}
@STRING{JPSB = {Journal of Polymer Science Part B--Polymer Physics}}
@STRING{JPSJ = {Journal of the Physical Society of Japan}}
@STRING{JPSJS = {Journal of the Physical Society of Japan Supplement}}
@STRING{JPSL = {Journal of Polymer Science: Polymer Letters Edition}}
@STRING{JPSRC = {Journal of Power Sources}}
@STRING{JQSRT = {Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy \& Radiative Transfer}}
@STRING{JRP = {Journal of Radiological Protection}}
@STRING{JRR = {Journal of Radiation Research}}
@STRING{JRS = {Journal of Raman Spectroscopy}}
@STRING{JRSE = {Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy}}
@STRING{JRSIF = {Journal of the Royal Society Interface}}
@STRING{JSFA = {Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture}}
@STRING{JSPEC = {Journal of Spectroscopy}}
@STRING{JSS = {Journal of Statistical Software}}
@STRING{JSYNR = {Journal of Synchrotron Radiation}}
@STRING{JSYSW = {The Journal of Systems and Software}}
@STRING{JTB = {Journal of Theoretical Biology}}
@STRING{JVIR = {Journal of Virology}}
@STRING{JWS = {Journal of Web Semantics}}
@STRING{JZOOL = {Journal of Zoology}}
@STRING{LA = {Langmuir}}
@STRING{LANC = {Lancet}}
@STRING{LPHYS = {Laser Physics}}
@STRING{LTP = {Low Temperature Physics}}
@STRING{MAT = {Materials}}
@STRING{MATCP = {Materials Chemistry and Physics}}
@STRING{MATEXP = {Materials Express}}
@STRING{MATHORZ = {Materials Horizons}}
@STRING{MATHPROG = {Mathematical Programming}}
@STRING{MATLET = {Materials Letters}}
@STRING{MATRB = {Materials Research Bulletin}}
@STRING{MATREXP = {Materials Research Express}}
@STRING{MATTOD = {Materials Today}}
@STRING{MBC = {Molecular Biology of the Cell}}
@STRING{MBE = {Molecular Biology and Evolution}}
@STRING{MBIO = {mBio}}
@STRING{MCB = {Molecular and Cellular Biology}}
@STRING{MCELL = {Molecular Cell}}
@STRING{MCLC = {Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals}}
@STRING{MCP = {Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics}}
@STRING{MENZ = {Methods in Enzymology}}
@STRING{METH = {Methods}}
@STRING{METHMB = {Methods in Molecular Biology}}
@STRING{MFCH = {Monatshefte f{\"u}r Chemie}}
@STRING{MFMP = {Monatshefte f{\"u}r Mathematik und Physik}}
@STRING{MGEN = {Marine Genomics}}
@STRING{MGG = {Molecular Genetics and Genomics}}
@STRING{MGGEN = {Molecular \& General Genetics}}
@STRING{MH = {Medical hypotheses}}
@STRING{MHMP = {Monatshefte f{\"u}r Mathematik und Physik}}
@STRING{ML = {Machine Learning}}
@STRING{MM = {Macromolecules}}
@STRING{MMB = {Molecular Microbiology}}
@STRING{MMBR = {Microbiology and Molecular Biology Reviews}}
@STRING{MMR = {Macromolecular Research}}
@STRING{MMRC = {Macromolecular Rapid Communications}}
@STRING{MP = {Molecular Physics}}
@STRING{MPLANT = {Molecular Plant}}
@STRING{MRC = {Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry}}
@STRING{MRR = {Magnetic Resonance Review}}
@STRING{MRSB = {MRS Bulletin}}
@STRING{MRSC = {MRS Communications}}
@STRING{MSB = {Molecular Systems Biology}}
@STRING{MSEB = {Materials Science and Engineering B---Solid State Materials for Advanced Technology}}
@STRING{MSER = {Materials Science and Engineering R--Reports}}
@STRING{MSIM = {Molecular Simulation}}
@STRING{MSMSE = {Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering}}
@STRING{MST = {Measurement Science and Technology}}
@STRING{MUTR = {Mutation Research}}
@STRING{N = {Nature}}
@STRING{NANOE = {Nano Energy}}
@STRING{NANOSC = {Nanoscale}}
@STRING{NAR = {Nucleic Acids Research}}
@STRING{NBT = {New Biotechnology}}
@STRING{NBTECH = {Nature Biotechnology}}
@STRING{NCB = {Nature Chemical Biology}}
@STRING{NCHEM = {Nature Chemistry}}
@STRING{NCOMM = {Nature Communications}}
@STRING{NCOMP = {Neural Computation}}
@STRING{NEJM = {New England Journal of Medicine}}
@STRING{NEN = {Nature Energy}}
@STRING{NEUR = {Neuron}}
@STRING{NGEN = {Nature Genetics}}
@STRING{NIMA = {Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A--Accelerators Spectrometers Detectors and Associated Equipment}}
@STRING{NIMB = {Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B--Beam Interactions with Materials \& Atoms}}
@STRING{NJC = {New Journal of Chemistry}}
@STRING{NJP = {New Journal of Physics}}
@STRING{NL = {Nano Letters}}
@STRING{NMAT = {Nature Materials}}
@STRING{NMETH = {Nature Methods}}
@STRING{NNANO = {Nature Nanotechology}}
@STRING{NNS = {Nature Neuroscience}}
@STRING{NNW = {Neural Networks}}
@STRING{NPHOT = {Nature Photonics}}
@STRING{NPHYS = {Nature Physics}}
@STRING{NPHYT = {New Phytologist}}
@STRING{NPR = {Natural Products Reports}}
@STRING{NRG = {Nature Reviews Genetics}}
@STRING{NRMB = {Nature Reviews Microbiology}}
@STRING{NSB = {Nature Structural Biology}}
@STRING{NSR = {National Science Review}}
@STRING{NTECH = {Nanotechnology}}
@STRING{NWISS = {Naturwissenschaften}}
@STRING{OBC = {Organic \& Biomolecular Chemistry}}
@STRING{OL = {Organic Letters}}
@STRING{OMR = {Organic Magnetic Resonance}}
@STRING{ONC = {Oncogene}}
@STRING{OPTC = {Optics Communications}}
@STRING{ORGEL = {Organic Electronics}}
@STRING{PAC = {Pure \& Applied Chemistry}}
@STRING{PBL = {Physikalische Bl{\"a}tter}}
@STRING{PBPMB = {Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology}}
@STRING{PC = {Plant Cell}}
@STRING{PCCP = {Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics}}
@STRING{PCE = {Plant, Cell \&\ Environment}}
@STRING{PCHEM = {Procedia Chemistry}}
@STRING{PCP = {Plant \& Cell Physiology}}
@STRING{PCPB = {Photochemistry and Photobiology}}
@STRING{PCREP = {Plant Cell Reports}}
@STRING{PEDS = {Protein Engineering, Design \& Selection}}
@STRING{PHIUZ = {Pharmazie in unserer Zeit}}
@STRING{PHREP = {Physics Reports-Review Section of Physics Letters}}
@STRING{PHRES = {Photosynthesis Research}}
@STRING{PHY = {Physica}}
@STRING{PHYB = {Physica B}}
@STRING{PI = {Polymer International}}
@STRING{PIEEE = {Proceedings of the IEEE}}
@STRING{PL = {Physics Letters}}
@STRING{PLA = {Physics Letters A}}
@STRING{PLJ = {The Plant Journal}}
@STRING{PLMB = {Plant Molecular Biology}}
@STRING{PLMS = {Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society}}
@STRING{PLOSCB = {PLoS Computational Biology}}
@STRING{PLPH = {Plant Physiology}}
@STRING{PLSCI = {Plant Science}}
@STRING{PLTA = {Planta}}
@STRING{PM = {Philosophical Magazine}}
@STRING{PML = {Philosophical Magazine Letters}}
@STRING{PNAS = {Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA}}
@STRING{PNMRS = {Progress in NMR Spectroscopy}}
@STRING{POLY = {Polymer}}
@STRING{POLYC = {Polymer Chemistry}}
@STRING{POLYDS = {Polymer Degradation and Stability}}
@STRING{POLYJ = {Polymer Journal}}
@STRING{POLYS = {Polymers}}
@STRING{POLYREV = {Polymer Reviews}}
@STRING{POS = {Philosophy of Science}}
@STRING{PP = {Photobiochemistry and Photobiophysics}}
@STRING{PPBC = {Plant Physiology and Biochemistry}}
@STRING{PPLANT = {Physiologia Plantarum}}
@STRING{PPP = {Photodermatology Photoimmunology \& Photomedicine}}
@STRING{PPS = {Photochemical \& Photobiological Sciences}}
@STRING{PPSCI = {Progress in Polymer Science}}
@STRING{PPV = {Progress in Photovoltaics}}
@STRING{PR = {Physical Review}}
@STRING{PRA = {Physical Review A}}
@STRING{PRAPPL = {Physical Review Applied}}
@STRING{PRB = {Physical Review B}}
@STRING{PRE = {Physical Review E}}
@STRING{PREP = {Physics Reports--Review Section of Physics Letters}}
@STRING{PRKIN = {Progress in Reaction Kinetics}}
@STRING{PRL = {Physical Review Letters}}
@STRING{PRSA = {Proceedings of the Royal Society A --- Mathematical Physical and Engineering Sciences}}
@STRING{PRSB = {Proceedings of the Royal Society B --- Biological Sciences}}
@STRING{PRSC = {Protein Science}}
@STRING{PRSL = {Proceedings of the Royal Society of London}}
@STRING{PRX = {Physical Review X}}
@STRING{PSB = {Plant Signaling \&\ Behavior}}
@STRING{PSCISB = {Polymer Science, Series B}}
@STRING{PSCISC = {Polymer Science, Series C}}
@STRING{PSFB = {Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics}}
@STRING{PSPIE = {Proceedings of SPIE}}
@STRING{PSS = {Physica Status Solidi}}
@STRING{PSSA = {Physica Status Solidi A}}
@STRING{PSSB = {Physica Status Solidi B}}
@STRING{PSSC = {Physica Status Solidi C}}
@STRING{PSSR = {Physica Status Solidi-Rapid Research Letters}}
@STRING{PST = {Particulate Science and Technology}}
@STRING{PSYREV = {Psychological Review}}
@STRING{PT = {Physics Today}}
@STRING{PTRS = {Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society}}
@STRING{PTRSA = {Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A --- Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences}}
@STRING{PTRSB = {Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B --- Biological Sciences}}
@STRING{QRB = {Quarterly Reviews of Biophysics}}
@STRING{QRBIO = {Quarterly Review of Biology}}
@STRING{QRCS = {Quarterly Reviews, Chemical Society}}
@STRING{RCB = {Russian Chemical Bulletin}}
@STRING{RCI = {Research of Chemical Intermediates}}
@STRING{RCR = {Russian Chemical Reviews}}
@STRING{REVCI = {Research on Chemical Intermediates}}
@STRING{RFM = {Reactive and Functional Polymers}}
@STRING{RME = {Radiation Measurements}}
@STRING{RMP = {Reviews of Modern Physics}}
@STRING{RPC = {Radiation Physics and Chemistry}}
@STRING{RPP = {Reports on Progress in Physics}}
@STRING{RPR = {Review of Policy Research}}
@STRING{RRES = {Radiation Research}}
@STRING{RSCADV = {RSC Advances}}
@STRING{RSER = {Renewable \&\ Sustainable Energy Reviews}}
@STRING{RSI = {Reviews of Scientific Instruments}}
@STRING{SA = {Spectrochimica Acta}}
@STRING{SAA = {Spectrochimica Acta Part A--Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy}}
@STRING{SC = {Solar Cells}}
@STRING{SCDB = {Seminars in Cell \& Developmental Biology}}
@STRING{SCI = {Science}}
@STRING{SCIADV = {Science Advances}}
@STRING{SCISIG = {Science Signaling}}
@STRING{SEMSC = {Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells}}
@STRING{SEN = {Solar Energy}}
@STRING{SIA = {Surface and Interface Analysis}}
@STRING{SIAMJNR = {SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis}}
@STRING{SIAMJOPT = {SIAM Journal on Optimization}}
@STRING{SMALL = {Small}}
@STRING{SMALLM = {Small Methods}}
@STRING{SMAT = {Soft Matter}}
@STRING{SMET = {Synthetic Metals}}
@STRING{SOLEN = {Solar Energy}}
@STRING{SPEC = {Spectroscopy}}
@STRING{SPROG = {Scientific Programming}}
@STRING{SPSS = {Soviet Physics - Solid State}}
@STRING{SREP = {Scientific Reports}}
@STRING{SSC = {Solid State Communications}}
@STRING{SSNMR = {Solid State Nulear Magnetic Resonance}}
@STRING{SSREV = {Space Science Reviews}}
@STRING{STAM = {Science and Technology of Advanced Materials}}
@STRING{STR = {Structure}}
@STRING{STRDYN = {Structural Dynamics}}
@STRING{SYNCOMM = {Synthetic Communications}}
@STRING{TCA = {Theoretica Chimica Acta}}
@STRING{TCACC = {Theoretical Chemistry Accounts}}
@STRING{TEC = {Theoretical and Experimental Chemistry}}
@STRING{TFS = {Transactions of the Faraday Society}}
@STRING{THD = {Tetrahedron}}
@STRING{THDL = {Tetrahedron Letters}}
@STRING{TIBS = {Trends in Biochemical Sciences}}
@STRING{TICB = {Trends in Cell Biology}}
@STRING{TICC = {Topics in Current Chemistry}}
@STRING{TINS = {Trends in Neurosciences}}
@STRING{TIPS = {Trends in Plant Science}}
@STRING{TOBCJ = {The Open Biochemistry Journal}}
@STRING{TOX = {Toxicology}}
@STRING{TRAFFIC = {Traffic}}
@STRING{TSF = {Thin Solid Films}}
@STRING{VIBSPE = {Vibrational Spectroscopy}}
@STRING{VIR = {Virology}}
@STRING{VPGB = {Verhandlungen der Physikalischen Gesellschaft zu Berlin}}
@STRING{WCMS = {Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews-Computational Molecular Science}}
@STRING{ZACH = {Fresenius Zeitschrift f\"ur Analytische Chemie}}
@STRING{ZN = {Zeitschrift f\"ur Naturforschung}}
@STRING{ZNA = {Zeitschrift f\"ur Naturforschung --- Section A, a journal of physical sciences}}
@STRING{ZPC = {Zeitschrift f\"ur Physikalische Chemie}}
@STRING{ZPCIJRPCCP = {Zeitschrift f\"ur Physikalische Chemie --- International Journal of Research in Physical Chemistry \& Chemical Physics}}
@STRING{ZPH = {Zeitschrift f\"ur Physik}}
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